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About us

Topdesign-shop.lv is the official online shop of the company Fashionary Ltd.

Fashionary Ltd specializes in the production of fashion clothing for women. 

The entire production cycle is based inLatvia, from design sketches to finished fashionable items, following latest technological tendencies and using the highest-quality European fabrics. Designing, planning, making-up, tailoring and finally offering products so desired by our clients – this consistent, qualitative and reliable process is ensured by efforts of 30 diligent and dedicated employees of the company Fashionary.


About the Topdesign Brand


The range of products of  FAshioanry includes dresses, jumpers, tops, blouses, tunics, suits, and skirts for any age groups. They are mainly made of viscose fabrics. Based on natural material, the structure of viscose is alike natural plant fibers. That is why viscose clothing is smooth to the touch, moisture-absorbing and air-permeable, easy-care and durable. We offer a wide range of sizes from 36 to 52 for all models.

Each fashion-monger, from housekeepers to business ladies, will easily find a suitable item of our brand for her wardrobe, which will effectively accentuate her individuality and femininity.

To ensure a high quality of our products, we were trying materials from various manufacturers, deciding in favor of the leading manufacturers of fabrics, laces, accessories from Greece, Italy and Netherlands. The key criterion of  Fashionary is the highest quality of products, meeting requirements of all clients.

Products of our company are appreciated in the Baltic countries, Russia, USA, Germany, Czech, Georgia and Kazakhstan. Reliability of our items is confirmed also by appropriate quality certificates.

Every year, designers of Fashionary create 4 collections, 2 collections each season: Topdesign and Topdesign Premium:

The Main Collection - about 200 models of diverse designs, styles and trends with fashionable color solutions. Perfect combination of fashion, comfort, easiness and naturalness. It presents loose-fit comfortable clothing for casual wear, with bright imagery of models. Each woman can make her own choice for any occasion.

The Premium Collection - about 50 trendy, exquisite, evening dresses made of exclusive Italian, Austrian fabrics, helping accentuate femininity and individuality. Models of the Premium Collection are produced in limited quantities!